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MeetVibe for Android

Last year, we released MeetVibe for iOS, and you have been with us through our first upgrades and improvements. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey.

We have listened, learned and made it better. We could not have done it without you.

Today, we are excited to release MeetVibe for Android.

Android and iPhone users will be able to enjoy the full MeetVibe experience. Popular features like Around Me phone-to-phone discovery, side by side Calendar Availability, or Concierge text message arrival notification are all available across both mobile platforms.

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At MeetVibe, we love building meaningful relationships and we are always looking for opportunities bring people together and generate powerful synergies.

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Mircea Baldean
Founder and CEO
MeetVibe, Inc.

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Effective Networkers Build More Than Bridges

Our networks have become incredibly expansive. Today, we interact globally despite previous geographical barriers. It is a given that we can remain updated about an industry peer met at a conference in London or chat regularly with a relative in Morocco.

Technology in the information age has led to tremendous improvements for our social and business networking. It is, and will continue to be, a fantastic relationship enabler. And as our social expectations increase, technology is adapting to meet those demands.

The Present Social Media Landscape

Technology has been successful at extending our networks far and wide, but it has been less successful at enabling the depth of relationships we also seek. Recent trends show people are sharing less on websites like Facebook indicating a shift away from mass sharing platforms towards increasingly personal platforms with defined and intimate audiences, such as Snapchat or Instagram.

With all social media, users turn to a computer or mobile device to share information that can be viewed by their networks. We can like, comment, or share, but it is not necessary for two parties to be present at the same time to exchange information. As a result, people are maintaining these arms-length networks, but also looking to harness technology for more meaningful connections. Factors such as touch, tone, and shared experiences are human-to-human interactions that online social media cannot replace.

Social Networking and Social Capital

To understand how social networking technology is evolving, first consider why humans build and use their networks. Our networks impact our social standing and our ability to enjoy a higher quality of life. Sociologists refer to the beneficial and purposive power of relationships and interconnectivity as social capital. Both sociologists and psychologists have leveraged this concept of social capital to develop two different categories: bridging and bonding.

Bridging social capital refers to social networks that allow different groups to share and exchange information, ideas, and innovation. The groups represent diverse interests with interactions that are often superficial, coming together only when needed. On the other hand, bonding social capital refers to relationships between like-minded people who interact frequently and build strong ties.

Dr. Larry Rosen of the Washington Post writes that the connections we form over social media largely consist of bridging social capital while those we cultivate in the real world constitute bonding social capital.

Social media creates an interface between the people as a bridge: human → social media platform (bridge) ← human. Technology is adapting to get the platform out of the middle by tapping into the expansiveness of digital social networking while creating the conditions for both bridging and the more intimate prerequisites of building bonding social capital.

So, how can technology improve the way we meet people? Suppose you are attending an event and wish to network, but do not know who to talk to. Walking up to a random stranger and beginning a conversation is not always welcomed. New phone-to-phone discovery technology is offering the information, confidence, and opportunity for people to meet the right people at the right time.

The MeetVibe app lets you view the profile of others in your direct proximity providing the information about who they are and what they want to talk about. Because they have set their profile to Public it is viewable giving you the confidence to know they are open to meeting new people – now. Proximity technology ensures you are only being alerted to people who are nearby and accessible, giving you the opportunity to connect.

This type of bridging technology enables direct human ↔ human bridging for social interaction.

Successful networkers know that it is not enough to just collect contact information.

And technology is advancing to provide us with the seamless instant access to the people who matter most.

Calendar availability viewing means we can see instantly when others are available to come together. Now, friends, family, and colleagues will only suggest times when we are actually free. No more wasting time on the back and forth of scheduling.

We call this creating social synergies: social technology providing optimizing solutions to achieve more with fewer resources. Focus on the interaction to make the most of your time!

Our current generation of social media and social networking has done a terrific job of building our networks wider and now technology is also taking us deeper into building meaningful relationships.

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How the Social Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Connectivity

Humans are both innovative and social beings leading to technological advances that are changing the way we interact. The desire to connect has inspired a global technological network linking people, data, and things.

Traditionally, our conception of cloud- or Internet-based social solutions has existed in the digital world. We send emails, conduct video calls, or share social media posts. But our collective need to use resources efficiently and information effectively has led to innovations that also link objects to this network. The inclusion of sensors and actuators are turning everyday devices into smart objects. This interaction of smart objects with people through the Internet is called the Internet of Things or IoT.

It is not enough to simply have objects connected: they need to achieve something or provide value with that connection. Objects like heart monitors and cars that were once distinctly separate objects are now connected to a network through the cloud. Doctors benefit by being able to regularly track patients’ heart rates. Patients benefit from regular oversight and monitoring without frequent office visits. Cars connect to GPS and anti-theft systems providing valuable information and protection for consumers. It is this real-time automated transfer of information providing accurate and actionable information with little or no human intervention required that makes the Internet of Things instant and effortless.

The Internet of People (IoP) takes the Internet of Things mobile with personal electronics. Mobile phones, fitness wrist bands, Google glasses, and any devices worn or embedded in textile products with sensors that communicate via the Internet with a human interface fall under this classification. The Internet of People already runs on billions of devices.

The Internet of Things


Both the Internet of Things and the Internet of People make big promises to benefit and enrich the lives of people. Despite claims that technology is making us more isolated and less communicative, we are actually at an exciting point for social networking and ubiquitous connectivity.

MeetVibe – The App Connecting People with the World Around Them

We believe that technology and social connectivity should be seamless which is why we provide instant and effortless access with technology that builds meaningful relationships. Relationships with our friends, families, colleagues, customers, and suppliers as well as with the environment around us.

In today’s world, networking is essential for success and oftentimes happiness. We want to meet the right people, however, networking is not as easy as walking up to a person and saying “Hello.” MeetVibe’s phone-to-phone technology allows users to view social profiles of people nearby, so we can discern who matches our aims and goals. Whether we are looking for a business partner or searching for love, it is no longer a game of chance where we hope to stumble across somebody compatible. MeetVibe facilitates connections so people never miss an opportunity to meet someone new.

When scheduling a get-together, we want effortless access to information. MeetVibe connects calendars to show when friends are free, dynamic mapping sets the location with a tap, and GPS-triggered automated messaging keeps everyone informed. We combine technologies relevant for social interactions layered together into one app to simplify the processes associated with social engagement.

The Evolution

We all want the advantages of technical convenience without giving up control over the information we share. As the concepts of the Internet of Things and the Internet of People evolve, so do the demands and wishes of the users. Ubiquitous computing brings with it intrusive privacy concerns. We will connect, but we will also retain our autonomy and privacy.

The Social Internet of Things connects objects and people into networks defined and managed by the user. Such networks create a technological interface between people and both the physical and virtual world. This helps them to find resources, obtain contextual information, and become visible.

In a Social Internet of Things world, individuals define the parameters to take control of their privacy. Yet, humans and things operate as equals and can request or provide information while maintaining their individuality.

The MeetVibe app is an excellent example of Social Internet of Things technology. It combines socially relevant technologies into a platform that not only offers people-to-people connections, but also seamlessly interacts with sensors in the environment. We carry our mobile phones with us every day. Your mobile phone can now give you more access to the experiences you want.

The possibilities of inter-connectivity are captivating. On an intimate level, its potential for elevating our personal interactions by improving the ways in which we interact with the everyday things that impact our lives is worthy of excitement.

The Social Internet of Things


Events like conferences and festivals are places where we socialize. We attend to experience or learn something new and meet new people. Events are where we come together for either personal or professional engagement. But now we can also interact with the environment as well.

The Social Internet of Things is redefining our event experience. Cutting edge technology is ushering in a new era. Mobile innovation is enhancing the experience. Not only can attendees find and meet the right people with apps such as MeetVibe, but event organizers can offer additional advantages by incorporating physical beacons onsite as well.

People attending can receive welcome messages as they arrive with links to event mapping and schedules sent directly to their mobile phones. With beacons you do not need to buy exhibition headphones to learn more about each item. Instead, the information can be directly broadcast to attendees’ mobile phones as they approach an item. Festival organizers can also encourage attendees to explore less popular areas of a show by offering rewards or games that direct traffic.

The opportunities for interaction and engagement are vast.

Today, presentations need to be more interactive than ever. But this communication requires an interface and getting to that interface is often a slow process. Instead of posting a link on a screen for audience members to type into their mobile phones, the presenter can send everyone in the audience a link making the process instant and effortless. No delays, no interruptions. A simple click and go.

Presenters can also avoid being overwhelmed with administrative email requests for presentation slides after the show by automatically delivering a link to slide decks, websites, contact information, or e-books. Beaconing technology enables this type of instant communication, while the Social Internet of Things technology allows people to control if and when they choose to interact.

Mobile social networking platforms such as MeetVibe create an environment for this social interaction. Each event organizer does not need to create their own mobile app. And attendees do not need to download an app for each event. Instead attendees simply join events and start networking.

Event organizers are engaging and building meaningful relationships with their attendees by including Social Internet of Things technology. The brilliance is in its consideration of all the factors that affect interconnectivity – humans, objects, and information alike.

The Social Internet of Things is technology that enhances social connectivity, enabling a new way of engaging one another and building meaningful relationships with the world around us. The MeetVibe social network provides instant access to discovery, connectivity, and scheduling.

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Meet The Right People. Introducing Around Me.


Every day is an opportunity to meet new people – connect with the right people.

Today, we are excited to introduce Around Me Beta, a new phone-to-phone feature that lets you discover other MeetVibers in your proximity. Update your MeetVibe app to seamlessly interact with your environment to cultivate friendships and build business relationships.



Discover, Connect, Schedule

With Around Me forming new relationships wherever people choose to come together is easy. Our proximity technology is perfect for:

  1. Professional
    Conferences and professional events provide the perfect opportunity to find individuals with similar interests and objectives. But how do we know who to approach? Enable Discover People and preview the name and profile of those around you. This can provide a valuable filter. Each user’s profile provides a brief bio and social media links. It also includes a Talk to Me About section to get your conversations off to a meaningful start.
  2. Personal
    There is a whole wide world out there, and it is full of people with the same passions as you. Around Me is a useful tool for bringing together individuals at a concert, street fair, or festival who would like to meet new people. Add your favorite social media links to your profile then connect further and develop this new relationship both digitally and physically. Around Me offers the best interface to connect people within the space around you.
  3. New Environments
    Continuing education? New job? Big move to a new city? For those times in life when we are eager to meet new people the Around Me feature can ease introductions and help newcomers quickly establish connections. By setting your profile to Public, you can let people know that you are approachable and open to an interaction. Then with the short profile, new names and faces have never been easier to remember.

Your availability; your discretion. People choose MeetVibe because they trust us with their privacy. Exercise total control over what you share with the world. Easily adjust your profile to display your hobbies, profession, or interests. Follow up after a positive introduction by scheduling a MeetVibe using the app.

MeetVibe’s technology provides you with instant and effortless access to the people, places, and relationships that matter most.

Update your app and try Around Me Beta today. For more information, refer to our FAQ page or contact us at feedback at


Carol Aebi
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
MeetVibe, Inc.

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