Business Success from RISEConf

Expanding MeetVibe’s Footprint in the APAC and EMEA Regions

In July, global entrepreneurs, investors and innovators gathered in Hong Kong for Asia’s largest tech conference – RISE.

Our goals were to launch the business portal and gain a sense of the marketability for entrance into the Asian market. Many people have asked if it was worth it to travel to Asia for the launch of a predominantly North American product and our response is, “Yes, it was definitely worth attending.” The regional business atmosphere was very eager to try new things, receptive and enthusiastic.

MeetVibe had the opportunity to showcase our product with a booth and took the stage for an investor pitch. We are pleased to say that, as one of the conference’s Alpha start-ups, our push into Asia is taking root. Through introductions facilitated at RISE, MeetVibe has secured, and continues to build, valuable regional business relationships.

KW Group are global leaders in exhibitions, conferences & services to connect, promote and facilitate international trade & economic development. MeetVibe will be the networking partner at the upcoming Global Trade Development Week Major Edition to be held in Dubai from October 30th to November 1st. More than 1,500 business leaders will join the largest cross-border business facilitation event of 2017. True to our mission to connect the right people at the right time, we look forward to making networking more effective during the 3-day conference and exhibition.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Delegate, Asia’s best marketing platform for event management companies. They are a free-to-use online platform that allows event managers to discover, compare and hire the best event vendors, within minutes. If you are looking to increase your event’s networking value, you can now include MeetVibe’s proximity marketing services directly through the Delegate platform »

Help your attendees save time and ease introductions to get conversations off to a meaningful start!

Next stops:

  • Web Summit, Lisbon from November 7-9, The Largest Tech Conference in the World;
  • Luxembourg Internet Days on November 14-15 where Canada will be front and center during the whole event and positive synergies will be highlighted to encourage transcontinental collaborations.

Talk to us about adding MeetVibe for Business for your next conference. Make your event memorable!

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MeetVibe Round Up – July 2017 – RISEConf

The Largest and Most Exciting Tech Conference in Asia

MeetVibe participated as an Alpha Start-up at the RISE Conference, held on July 11-13 in Hong Kong, launching our Business offering. RISE is labeled by Forbes a “truly world class” event, attracting 580 startups, 400 investors, 565 journalists and 240 speakers.

Why Hong Kong? As a young SaaS IoT company, with an established presence in Toronto, Zurich and Silicon Valley, it is important to understand why Hong Kong is targeting to become the IoT capital of the world.


  • Start-up booth: exhibiting and demo, great to see so many MeetVibers stopping by!
  • Center Stage: Gary Vaynerchuk got emotional expressing his views on company culture and also answering Mircea’s open mic question on how to balance family life and entrepreneurship;
  • Women in Tech Roundtables: Carol was invited to participate in discussions about the challenges and opportunities for women in the technology industry;
  • The Pitch: we are thrilled and humbled to have our moment on stage included in the RISE official summary video!
RISEConf Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
RISEConf Gary Vaynerchuk
RISEConf Women in Tech Roundtables, Carol Aebi
RISEConf MeetVibe Carol Aebi, Mircea Baldean

What’s next? We are gearing up for Web Summit, the largest tech conference in the world, in Lisbon this November!

ALPHA Startup MeetVibe Launches at RISE Conference

TORONTO / HONG KONG — June 29, 2017.

MeetVibe Connects the Right People at the Right Time!

In a world that is more social, more mobile, and more instant than ever before, what interests people? Other people. We believe technology and social connectivity should be seamless so that people can focus on real interactions. Our Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement platform seamlessly connects digital channels with the physical environment, offering access to what matters most: people, places, relationships, and meaningful connections.

MeetVibe is an ALPHA Startup launching at RISE, the biggest tech conference of its kind in Asia, held on July 11-13 in Hong Kong. Enabling participants to take networking to the next level, we connect people, ideas, and contextual information on the ground, in the moment.

The Social Internet of Things
MeetVibe’s SaaS platform brings people together to build meaningful relationships. The mobile app is location aware, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconing and proximity technologies to augment spontaneous social opportunities.

We enable community leaders and businesses to deliver contextual information and engaging content such as agendas, coupons, or maps directly to mobile phones – as customers or participants come within proximity of a specific location – providing the information they want at the moment they need it.

By staging several beacons throughout a location, powerful analytics such as traffic patterns, heat mapping, and visitors’ behavior can be gathered using our proximity business content management system.

Free App: Discover – Connect – Schedule

  • The Around Me feature allows you to discover others who are nearby.
  • Profile sharing facilitates introductions to easily connect and exchange social profiles and contact information.
  • Simplified scheduling offers calendar-sharing availability, sends automated arrival messages, and provides directions to meeting locations.

About MeetVibe
We love creating synergies. MeetVibe is a mobile and Internet of Things SaaS company founded mid-2015, with key representatives located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Zurich. Our purpose is to make people’s lives easier through technology. Each of us brings unique perspectives and expertise to connect the right people at the right time.

We are proud to have IBM as our biggest investor and technology partner, and to be part of Facebook’s global mobile startup program. MeetVibe’s disruptive business model creates a new space for targeted proximity marketing. During early tests, our iOS and Android mobile apps have been used more than 6,200 times, and enabled 2,600 proximity interactions.


For more information, please contact:

Mircea Baldean
mircea (at)
+1.647.696.6060 x101

Carol Aebi
carol (at)
+41 44 586 73 35
+1.647.696.6060 x103


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MeetVibe Enterprise Beacon

Connecting Developers at #DevTO

Developers don’t just write code, they network and make things happen. That is why MeetVibe is partnering with #DevTO, a forum where developers meet and mingle. Each month #DevTO brings together over 100 attendees to listen to speakers and collaborate with industry peers. MeetVibe’s Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement capabilities were showcased at the most recent event and we are thrilled to facilitate even more introductions at upcoming events.