A Friend Is a Gift You Give to Yourself

With 2017 drawing to a close, we’re taking a minute to say ‘thank you for joining us’!

We value our relationship and look forward to staying in touch in the year to come. And we want you to stay in touch with more of your friends!

We have a present for you: get a free premium membership upgrade now. 

MeetVibe Linchpin lets you check the availability of up to 25 members, side by side. Instantly see when everyone is free to avoid rescheduling and get the best turnout for your get-together.

Cheers to great people, bright ideas, and fabulous memories!

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Happy New Year!

The MeetVibe Team

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MeetVibe Synergy – December 2017

Accomplishments come out of good relationships. November proved to be a very busy month with the MeetVibe co-founders roaming around Europe.

Read and watch on…

Lisbon, Portugal

The Web Summit

“A Gathering Rather than a Conference” -Forbes Magazine

Web Summit, “the largest tech conference in the world” (Inc. magazine) held in in November in Lisbon, Portugal not disappoint. We had the opportunity to showcase our proximity solutions, and we connected with innovators and inventors on the cutting edge of the tech space, making promising new connections. Scroll to the bottom to watch our new video!

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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Internet Days

“We’re happy to listen to any ideas!” -Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Our second leg of the European journey continued with another premier event – Luxembourg Internet Days. Thanks to its thriving ecosystem, Luxembourg is an emerging hub for entrepreneurs with great ideas who want to launch or accelerate their start-ups.

MeetVibe was part of a select group of Canadian companies profiled front and centre during the event. We had the pleasure of greeting Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Olivier Nicoloff, Canada’s Ambassador to our booth!

Toronto, Canada

Mobile Growth Toronto

“A good product is what’s left after you make every possible experiment.” – @baldean

There is no better way to share our growth story, than at an industry night meetup. #MobileGrowth Toronto brought together leading names such as 500px, Foodora and Taplytics. And, nothing goes better with panel discussions about mobile marketing and product questions than pizza, soft-drinks and beer. We extend a big thank you out to Elizabeth, Cynthia and Tae of Branch for arranging an insightful evening!


“Around You”

See the Around Me proximity discovery feature in action at Web Summit!

Thank you,

The MeetVibe Team


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MeetVibe Synergy – September 2017

At MeetVibe, we believe in creating synergies, so we have decided to rename our newsletter and blog from the MeetVibe – Roundup to the MeetVibe Synergy!

Synergy is the interaction of two or more people where their combined effect is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

Why are we here? We love:

  • Connecting the right people in real time
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Achieving more with less effort

Do we vibe? Read on…


Business Success from RISEConf

In July, global entrepreneurs, investors and innovators gathered in Hong Kong for Asia’s largest tech conference – RISE.

MeetVibe had the opportunity to showcase our product with a booth and took the stage for an investor pitch. We are pleased to say that, as one of the conference’s Alpha start-ups, our push into Asia is taking root. Through introductions facilitated at RISE, MeetVibe has secured, and continues to build, valuable regional business relationships.

KW Group are global leaders in exhibitions, conferences & services to connect, promote and facilitate international trade & economic development. MeetVibe will be the networking partner at the upcoming Global Trade Development Week Major Edition to be held in Dubai from October 30th to November 1st.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Delegate, Asia’s best marketing platform for event management companies.

Next stops:

  • Web Summit, Lisbon from November 7-9, The Largest Tech Conference in the World;
  • Luxembourg Internet Days on November 14-15 where Canada will be front and center during the whole event and positive synergies will be highlighted to encourage transcontinental collaborations.

Talk to us about adding MeetVibe for Business for your next conference. Make your event memorable!

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Why Do We Use Bluetooth for Around Me?

Did you know that Bluetooth is one of the most efficient ways for your phone to connect and interact with other devices? Unlike the GPS feature, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology ensures that your battery will not be drained when enabling this feature.

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Moving on Up

Back in June, the MeetVibe app just broke into Top 500 Social Networking apps in Canada, according to app intelligence service SensorTower.

In just three months, we moved up into the Top 150 Social Networking apps in the Canadian App Store!


Thank you,
The MeetVibe Team

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MeetVibe Round Up – July 2017 – RISEConf

The Largest and Most Exciting Tech Conference in Asia

MeetVibe participated as an Alpha Start-up at the RISE Conference, held on July 11-13 in Hong Kong, launching our Business offering. RISE is labeled by Forbes a “truly world class” event, attracting 580 startups, 400 investors, 565 journalists and 240 speakers.

Why Hong Kong? As a young SaaS IoT company, with an established presence in Toronto, Zurich and Silicon Valley, it is important to understand why Hong Kong is targeting to become the IoT capital of the world.


  • Start-up booth: exhibiting and demo, great to see so many MeetVibers stopping by!
  • Center Stage: Gary Vaynerchuk got emotional expressing his views on company culture and also answering Mircea’s open mic question on how to balance family life and entrepreneurship;
  • Women in Tech Roundtables: Carol was invited to participate in discussions about the challenges and opportunities for women in the technology industry;
  • The Pitch: we are thrilled and humbled to have our moment on stage included in the RISE official summary video!
RISEConf Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
RISEConf Gary Vaynerchuk
RISEConf Women in Tech Roundtables, Carol Aebi
RISEConf MeetVibe Carol Aebi, Mircea Baldean

What’s next? We are gearing up for Web Summit, the largest tech conference in the world, in Lisbon this November!

MeetVibe Round Up – April 2017

Keeping Busy and Making Friends!

Keeping busy and making friends. That’s the best way to describe MeetVibe’s activities on a day-to-day basis. Over the last month, we’ve added two new members to our global team, opened the Toronto Stock Exchange with our partners at the Upside Foundation, and made a smooth transition to a modern, cloud computing platform.

Taking Action

We Opened the Toronto Stock Exchange!

MeetVibe is a proud supporter of the Upside Foundation and we love creating synergies! The TMX Group responded to our call to help Canadian startups dream big and welcomed a selected group of young companies to open the Toronto Stock Exchange! The event was covered on YAHOO! Finance and Business Insider.

MeetVibe co-founders Carol Aebi and Gabriel Paun joined virtually from Zürich, Switzerland and San Francisco Bay Area, a first for TSX!

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The Open Secret to Successful Networking

Networking is time tested and familiar, an age-old practice dressed up in a modern outfit. This current incarnation of networking emphasizes the scavenger hunt of meeting as many people as possible and seems to have lost or minimized the traditional play on reciprocity. The result – hundreds of business cards, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts.

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Behind the Scenes

A Warm Welcome

Hearing all the great things about Toronto’s growing startup scene, Gwendoline and Mélanie came all the way from France to experience the tech ecosystem first-hand. We’re happy to have them on board and we are looking forward to meeting some of you!


Reaching the Cloud: Migration to IBM Bluemix Platform Complete

In January, we announced that MeetVibe is migrating to a modern, cloud infrastructure. Our incredible technical team moved quickly. Just one month after the decision, we began moving data to the IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Platform.

We are excited to announce that MeetVibe has successfully migrated our service to the cloud, with minimal impact on our members. Because this migration took place in the background, members did not notice any changes to the day-to-day experience while using the MeetVibe app..

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Adding breadth and depth to your networks is the value MeetVibe brings. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new city, a new job, or a new school – all of those environments offer rich opportunities to meet interesting people and share ideas. Show us how you use MeetVibe to advance your career or enjoy a spontaneous opportunity by sharing your snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #MeetVibing.


Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

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MeetVibe Round Up – March 2017

A Warm Welcome to All of Our New #DevTO Friends!

Are you organizing a networking event? Kick it up a notch! Seamlessly connect participants, ideas, and opportunities using MeetVibe. Participants can discover and read the profiles of participants in their proximity. Event organizers can provide instant access to the opportunities and information guests want the most.

Take Action

How to Organize a Successful Meetup

The thrill of bringing people together to share food, swap ideas, and form new relationships makes the work of organizing a meetup worth it. But pulling together a hit gathering is harder than it looks.

Technology may have made us more connected than ever, but hosting an event has presented new challenges. Virtual guests who have not yet met in person are less inclined to honor RSVPs, and even those who manage to make it may be hesitant to branch out and mingle without incentive.

So what does it take to organize a successful meetup?

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Connecting Developers at #DevTO

Developers don’t just write code, they network and make things happen. That is why MeetVibe is partnering with #DevTO, a forum where developers meet and mingle. Each month #DevTO brings together over 100 attendees to listen to speakers and collaborate with industry peers. MeetVibe’s Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement capabilities were showcased at the most recent event and we are thrilled to facilitate even more introductions at upcoming events.

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Register for a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Together with Capterra we are offering a $10 Amazon gift card for the first 25 reviewers of the MeetVibe app. Fill in your contact details below to receive the program invite.

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Elevate your event’s potential. Add MeetVibe to get introductions rolling and simplify follow-up scheduling.

We’ve only just begun helping the MeetVibe community make things happen!


Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

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A New Year’s Message

Grateful Reflections on 2016

Early in 2016, we released the iOS beta version of MeetVibe, and you have been with us through our first upgrades and improvements. You are the pioneer MeetVibers. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Your feedback and input has been instrumental in shaping not only our product, but our mission as well. We have come a long way, and we could not have done it without you.

Happy New Year!

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Cheers to great people, bright ideas, and fabulous memories. We often speak of “making time” when in reality we have no control over the quantity – only the quality. This means that how we prioritize our time can significantly influence our progression in the new year. Make the most of your time in 2017!

Excited Anticipation for 2017

Our developers are busier than Santa’s elves working away to ensure everybody has the tools they need to gather, interact, and generate powerful synergies. MeetVibe for Android will soon be ready.

Share Your Special Moments

MeetVibers know how to throw a good party, and are gifted at making sure everybody is enjoying themselves. Share the experience! Follow us on Instagram and post a pic of your favorite place to gather, a sporting event, or your New Year’s Eve party with the hashtag #MeetVibing.

Here’s to a sensational New Year!

Carol, Csaba, Daniela, Dragos, Gabriel, Neya, Nicolas, Marius and Mircea

Monthly Round Up – November 2016

Powerful and productive synergies are generated when vibrant minds come together. In a world characterized by limited time and near limitless opportunity, identifying the best people for your team, project, or life used to require a lot of energy. Now, MeetVibe empowers the innovative creators of the world to strategically find the people who share their vision – anytime, anywhere.

From Symbols and Signals to Ideas Worth Spreading

Change is a primary ingredient in any recipe for advancement. Early adopters and innovators are prescient in recognizing the transformative potential of new technologies. At the end of October I had the privilege of attending the Symbols and Signals TEDxToronto event, Canada’s largest TEDx with an audience of over 1,000. These events, or “talks”, are known for hosting diverse content of creative short presentations. Bringing together experts with exceptional ideas, this network has become a catalyst for profound change, and this theme was very present at the most recent event..

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Capture the Moment with MeetVibe

MeetVibing on Instagram


There is something delightful about the idea of spontaneity. It is what pushes us to try things and explore new places – the tantalizing thought of what we might experience or who we might meet. A new environment means new people and renewed hope that you will find the people who just “get it”.

Join us on Instagram and share your photo with the hashtag #meetvibing to be featured on our page.

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Make the Most of MeetVibe

The best part of socializing is the making of new connections, experiences, and memories. Every gathering can be a rich lotto of new minds, new ideas, and new personalities. So how can we improve our odds of meeting like-minded people, so that we can make the most of spontaneity?

Fortunately, technology is making it much easier. MeetVibe’s phone-to-phone feature lets you view the profiles of others around you. Meet the party guest in your field of work that you otherwise would never have spoken with. Or the journalist covering your business specialty at a conference. Leave every social gathering with the feeling that you have truly connected with someone new.

Since the Around Me launch in September, we have enabled more than 550 profile discoveries!

Let’s go:

  • Preview the name and profile of those around you; tap on Discover People in the MeetVibe App Dashboard > Around Me
  • Set a memorable tone for introductions with a creative Talk to Me About text. Break out your sense of humor or lead in with something important to you.
  • This short profile text offers an ice-breaking topic to get your conversations off to a great start. Go to MeetVibe App My Profile > edit the Talk to Me About intro line.

Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

Mircea Baldean
Founder & CEO

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Monthly Round Up – October 2016

Recall the last time you visited a new city. You likely stumbled upon neighorhoods with interesting shops and cafés with inviting displays. Each storefront provides just enough information to know whether you want to look inside. The open and closed signs let you know when you’re welcome to do so. MeetVibe is the mobile equivalent to these store windows for individuals who wish to socialize. Browse the profiles of those nearby to find people with shared interests who are “open” for new introductions instead of “closed” to only personal acquaintances.

Effective Networkers Build More Than Bridges

Our networks have become incredibly expansive. Today, we interact globally despite previous geographical barriers. It is a given that we can remain updated about an industry peer met at a conference in London or chat regularly with a relative in Morocco.

Technology in the information age has led to tremendous improvements for our social and business networking. It is, and will continue to be, a fantastic relationship enabler. And as our social expectations increase, technology is adapting to meet those demands.

Read more about bonding versus bridging on the blog »

Championing Tech Ecosystems Means Sustained Employment in Global Cities

Technology is the reality of the present and the way of the future. This presents a greater need for understanding tech’s role on our economies and societies. MeetVibe was honored to participate in the exclusive launch of the TechToronto Report, “How Technology is Changing Toronto Employment.”

Toronto’s tech ecosystem has skyrocketed since 2010. It has surpassed the general economy in terms of growth. As a testament to the pervasiveness and necessity of tech, there are more tech jobs within non-tech industries than there are in tech industries. Fostering the advancement of tech in Toronto and in other global cities will lead to greater diversification and decentralization – variables that are vital for a resilient economy.

Perhaps the best illustration of tech’s brilliance is the positive impact it stands to have on our social policy, civic action initiatives, and more, in addition to the overall economy. TechTO outlines policy recommendations that can contribute to the continued growth and dynamism of Toronto’s tech ecosystem, a city that is currently ranked fifth in the world for concentration of tech skills.

Discover the exciting future of tech by reading the full report »

Don’t Let The Next Exciting Opportunity Pass You By

Never miss an opportunity. We have entire systems designed around making sure you never miss a connection: email, voicemail, messaging and location-based dating apps to make sure the love of our life doesn’t pass us by. And of course, we circulate at networking events to find like-minded individuals we would not cross paths with otherwise.

MeetVibe’s Around Me feature makes sure no opportunity goes unpursued at the next conference, alumni event, or party you attend. Include a few lines in your Talk to Me About section to let people know where your interests lie. Turn on Discovery so that people in your proximity know you are available to chat. Let others know your interests and start discovering like-minded people around you today.

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Forging strong connections – personal or professional – is about putting in the effort. It is also about being presented with the chance to do so. MeetVibe empowers its members to have the confidence, information, and opportunity they need to create powerful synergies. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and tips.

Happy Halloween!

Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

Carol Aebi
Chief Strategy Officer

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