ALPHA Startup MeetVibe Launches at RISE Conference

TORONTO / HONG KONG — June 29, 2017.

MeetVibe Connects the Right People at the Right Time!

In a world that is more social, more mobile, and more instant than ever before, what interests people? Other people. We believe technology and social connectivity should be seamless so that people can focus on real interactions. Our Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement platform seamlessly connects digital channels with the physical environment, offering access to what matters most: people, places, relationships, and meaningful connections.

MeetVibe is an ALPHA Startup launching at RISE, the biggest tech conference of its kind in Asia, held on July 11-13 in Hong Kong. Enabling participants to take networking to the next level, we connect people, ideas, and contextual information on the ground, in the moment.

The Social Internet of Things
MeetVibe’s SaaS platform brings people together to build meaningful relationships. The mobile app is location aware, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconing and proximity technologies to augment spontaneous social opportunities.

We enable community leaders and businesses to deliver contextual information and engaging content such as agendas, coupons, or maps directly to mobile phones – as customers or participants come within proximity of a specific location – providing the information they want at the moment they need it.

By staging several beacons throughout a location, powerful analytics such as traffic patterns, heat mapping, and visitors’ behavior can be gathered using our proximity business content management system.

Free App: Discover – Connect – Schedule

  • The Around Me feature allows you to discover others who are nearby.
  • Profile sharing facilitates introductions to easily connect and exchange social profiles and contact information.
  • Simplified scheduling offers calendar-sharing availability, sends automated arrival messages, and provides directions to meeting locations.

About MeetVibe
We love creating synergies. MeetVibe is a mobile and Internet of Things SaaS company founded mid-2015, with key representatives located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Zurich. Our purpose is to make people’s lives easier through technology. Each of us brings unique perspectives and expertise to connect the right people at the right time.

We are proud to have IBM as our biggest investor and technology partner, and to be part of Facebook’s global mobile startup program. MeetVibe’s disruptive business model creates a new space for targeted proximity marketing. During early tests, our iOS and Android mobile apps have been used more than 6,200 times, and enabled 2,600 proximity interactions.


For more information, please contact:

Mircea Baldean
mircea (at)
+1.647.696.6060 x101

Carol Aebi
carol (at)
+41 44 586 73 35
+1.647.696.6060 x103


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MeetVibe iOS and Android App

MeetVibe SaaS Proximity Business Portal


MeetVibe Enterprise Beacon

Big Data Carries Bigger Potential With Better Decision-Making

Big data spells big things for the future of business. For some, the advent of big data represents a threat to human input. In actuality, the unique challenges posed by massive amounts of information make human insights more valuable than ever.

This week, I had the privilege of addressing an audience of data enthusiasts, tech experts, and business professionals at the Big Data Toronto conference to discuss MeetVibe’s philosophy on analytics. Other speakers included Dell, IBM and Tableau Software. MeetVibe is a social scheduling tool designed to help users make the best use of their time. We make the best use of our time by leveraging existing data to learn how to make MeetVibe better for its users. An essential takeaway from the presentation is this: big data analytics are vital to successful decision-making.

Making smart decisions is a skill that can be learned. Individuals arrive at better decisions by considering the long term, viewing their organization from an outside perspective, and embracing the positive possibilities of change. Most importantly, effective decisions are made when there is collaboration and convergence among team members and customers, be they current or future.

But this is easier said than done. By design, institutions do not like change, and they are even less fond of experimentation. In fact, in many organizations few employees agree with each other and colleagues can hold views that differ by as much as 45-50 percent. Evidently, if convergence is helpful for drawing useful insights from data, companies have a rocky road ahead of them.

Presently, the world is in the early stages of tapping into the full potential of big data. While companies like Google dedicate enormous resources to sifting big data for gold, only 16% of companies in Canada have the human resources available to tackle big data initiatives. This brings me to an interesting point. The most common obstacle to successful analytics is not technology – it’s a lack of collaboration.

To put a finer point on it: a lack of cross-team integration and public engagement is killer to productive information gathering and sharing when it comes to decision-making.

At MeetVibe, our approach prioritizes this collaborative attitude. First, powerful insights are achieved through information sharing. MeetVibe employs a hub-and-spoke data-gathering model to facilitate an open dialogue within our global team. Everything related to our data analysis is available in real time. Through our comprehensive dashboard, team members have a collective space to access information and provide input from anywhere in the world.

In fact, the creation of such a space – physical or digital – is vital for making important decisions about data at extreme scales.

We also take this collaborative attitude into our product. Consider mobile phones. According to Kevin Talbot, a co-founder and Managing Partner at Relay Ventures, there are more mobile devices than people. Approximately one-third of those devices are smartphones. Our devices provide us with tremendous access to information and each other, as well as an all-purpose “hub” for our personal and professional lives.

We communicate with loved ones, run our businesses, and manage our finances straight from our phones. For such small devices, they sure do carry some big data. Our users can tap into that data to share their profiles, contact information, calendar availability, and even location information with friends, family, colleagues or new people around them.

The future of business intelligence lies in figuring out how to turn this information overload into actionable knowledge. The current challenge is figuring out how to distinguish the signals from the noise while maintaining privacy.

In our current knowledge-based economy, there is a premium on those who can make better, more sophisticated decisions. How can this be achieved? Obsessively analyzing all the available data not only leads to burn out but can also result in false positives. When we combine raw data with inquiry and engagement, we garner more valuable information.

Technology and big data helps ensure the feedback is provided independently which avoids group think bias. It is the convergence of engagement with human insights and big data capabilities that bring value and actionable information.

Download my Small Devices, Big Data SlideShare presentation.

MeetVibe Big Data SlideShare

The Wisdom of the Crowd Has Spoken at TechToronto

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak in front of more than 500 people at TechToronto, a vibrant community that brings together tech leaders, innovators and enthusiasts.

In my presentation, I have used Twitter to engage with the audience during the jelly beans live experiment that demonstrated the wisdom of crowd.

If one asks a large enough number of people to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, the averaged answer is likely to be very close to the correct number. I have ran this experiment a few times now, and the results are fantastic. The group estimate was off by only 6 percent, whereas the average individual error was 49 percent!

The folks behind the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” show figured out the same thing. Everything we think we know about intelligence suggests that the smart individual would offer the most help. Calling an “expert” friend during the show did okay, offering the right answer – under pressure – almost 65 percent of the time. But the success rate paled in comparison to the wisdom of the audiences. Those random crowds of people picked the right answer 91 percent of the time.

What do you think of the jelly bean madness? Watch the video and tell us what you think by leaving a comment on TechToronto’s YouTube channel.

Thank you very much,


MeetVibe for iOS v1.0.2 is Now Available

Thank you all very much, the first weeks have been amazing. Keep sending us your feedback and ideas! MeetVibe v1.0.2 is now in the App Store

What’s new in this version?

  • Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements.
  • Tutorial display upon first time installation.

And we are popping up in quite a few places around the world! Happy MeetVibing!

MeetVibe Map


How to Make the Most of Your Time? Start by Making Yourself Available Today

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” –Steve Jobs


Just over a year ago, I started to work on a possible solution to a common issue: technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, yet we still schedule using the same outdated methods that have been around for years. It can take upwards of seven phone calls, emails or text messages over days for two people to find a commonly convenient meeting time and location. Getting a group of people together only compounds the time and effort required to secure a date.

I had an idea, however, I knew that it would have been nearly impossible to build it on my own.

Innovations happen at intersections and this is where I found the strength to bring my idea to life. Together with my two co-founders we created MeetVibe, Inc. We bring in an eclectic mix of skills and experiences. We have a global strategist with a pragmatic view, which the Swiss are well known for, a geospatial guru out of Silicon Valley, and, well, yours truly. We also have a scalable, talented team and strong strategic partnerships. This is MeetVibe’s secret sauce!

This idea grew into our commitment to simplify the scheduling process from a cumbersome organizational task into a digitally enhanced experience. We are excited to unveil MeetVibe version 1.0 for iOS app and invite you to experience it today.

MeetVibe’s unified platform eliminates the back and forth required to find a mutually convenient time and location. Your existing calendars, contacts and location are fully integrated. The app understands your availability, which can then be shared privately or publicly. This simple concept means you can start taking control of your day, even if your invitees don’t yet use our platform.

We are all unique in what we want to achieve with our time, be it getting together with friends, planning a date, meeting with more clients, organizing an event or a weekend getaway. Whatever it is you want to schedule, MeetVibe makes it easier and faster so that you can focus on the people who matter to you.

Make the most of your time. Start by making yourself available today! Get MeetVibe for iOS now.

Mircea Baldean
Founder and CEO, MeetVibe Inc.

MeetVibe is Now MeetVibe, Inc.

This is an exciting step for us! In order to allow for further growth, MeetVibe is now MeetVibe, Inc., a Delaware-based corporation, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Little” companies like Facebook, Inc., Google, Inc. or Twitter, Inc. have all followed similar steps at some point, in their early days.

MeetVibe Seal


For more details, contact us.

MeetVibe at the Salesforce World Tour

MeetVibe is all about meaningful connections. While still in stealth move, we were part of a select group of Canadian startup companies profiled at the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto. Pictured below, our own Mircea Baldean together with other Canadian entrepreneurs and Alex Dayon, President, Products at

MeetVibe with AlexDayon

MeetVibe on Screen