Joining EYnovation™: The Strength of a Network

Following our presence at Luxembourg Internet Days in November 2017, we are pleased to announce joining the EYnovation™ start-up program in Luxembourg.

EYnovation is a new market approach aimed at supporting ambitious, innovative emerging and rapid growth enterprises to become the next generation market leaders.

We look forward to growing our network thanks to the strength of EY!

Stay tuned for more updates.

We’re Updating our Privacy Policy and Adding New Profile Features

MeetVibe is committed to helping you connect with people that matter most. As part of our growth and in support of upcoming changes to EU data protection law, we’re launching new features and updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Summary of the Changes


  • Improved clarity and transparency. We’ve re-organized our Privacy Policy to make it clearer and more understandable, defined key terms, described our data processing practices and included examples showing how MeetVibe implements this Policy.
  • GDPR updates. The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation places new obligations on organizations that process EU personal data. As a result, we’re updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to better explain our relationship.
  • Your Account. Your Data. We’ve introduced a new Download My Data feature to export the information related to your profile. The Profile Deletion feature, which was always available to you, remains unchanged. Of course, if you notice any discrepancies, you can immediately update your profile data.

What’s Deleted

If you choose to delete your member’s profile information. Here’s what’s removed:

  • Nickname
  • Full Name
  • Display Name
  • Profile Picture URL (if you added one)
  • Talk to Me About (if you added one)
  • Bio (if you added one)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Number of MeetVibe Connections (following and followers)
  • Country
  • Time Zone
  • Profile URL (if you added one)
  • Facebook ID (if you added one)
  • Twitter ID (if you added one)
  • LinkedIn ID (if you added one)
  • Skype ID (if you added one)
  • Available / Busy time slots (if you enabled Calendar access permission)
  • Date of Registration
  • Date of Last Sync
  • Daily Availability Start and End Time
  • Membership Type
  • Future-dated MeetVibe Events

What’s Not Deleted

To preserve the historical usage data for statistical and auditing purposes, the following non-personal information won’t be deleted:

  • User Number
  • Device UUID
  • Last Seen Date

Also, you will have to unsubscribe from our newsletter separately.

Privacy Policy Highlights

People choose MeetVibe because they trust us with their privacy. MeetVibe is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share. Exercise total control over what you share with the world. Easily adjust your profile to display your hobbies, profession, or interests.

Protecting the privacy and security of your information is a priority for everyone at MeetVibe. We work hard to collect only the data we need to make your experience better, and when we do collect data we believe it’s important for you to know what we’re collecting and why we need it, so you can make informed choices.

If you want to connect or share your proximity location and calendar availability with other people using MeetVibe, you can create a personal profile by providing a nickname (e.g., @john), display name and, if desired, a profile photo, and other information, such as a Talk to Me About line and Bio. MeetVibe stores this information with your account so that you can access it from any of your devices. Your user handle, display name, and profile photo can appear alongside with you calendar availability on MeetVibe.

Other people may also be able to find your MeetVibe profile using the information that you have provided. You can make the contents of your profile, like proximity availability or calendar availability, available only to those you choose. However, your profile information, such as handle, display name, photo are always visible to everyone.

Your followers, and who you are following are visible only to other MeetVibe members.

The phone numbers and email addresses of contacts in your address book are not sent to MeetVibe, and MeetVibe does not store any information from your address book. We do not retain any information about contacts who are not MeetVibe members.

Information you provide in your profile may be updated or removed by you at any time. Whenever you share online, you should think carefully about what you are making public. When you share from MeetVibe to other websites or social networks, anything you share is governed by the privacy policies of those other services.

When you use MeetVibe, we collect information about your calendar availability and events scheduled through our platform and associate them with your account. Information, such as time and location of future meetings are noted by and sent to MeetVibe. Such events are being stored only until the end date and time.

We Do:

  • We ask your permission before accessing your calendar, this will continue to be an opt-in feature
  • We provide you with a way to turn off the calendar feature at any time in the settings
  • We send calendar data to our server when the MeetVibe app is running in order to update your available time
  • We send your calendar availability data to our servers over a secure SSL connection
  • We do store time marked as available in your calendar on our servers

We Do Not: 

  • We do not, under any circumstances, access your calendar data unless you have explicitly opted in to sync your calendar
  • We do not under any circumstances access information associated with existing appointments in your calendar
  • We do not share or use your calendar data for purposes other than matching it with other MeetVibe members
  • We do not actively monitor your location

We hope these updates will help your networking a little more pleasant and productive, wherever you are based. Need assistance? Drop us a line at hello (at)

As always, thank you for trusting MeetVibe!

IRL: How the Right UX Can Create Real Human Connections

When it comes to human interactions and connections, technology should help us—not hinder us. Today, most technology we use to forge and deepen new and existing relationships doesn’t translate online connections into real face-to-face interactions. At MeetVibe, our driving goal is to look at instances where technology can help or augment human interactions. We want to give people better tools to enable real-time and real-life relationships among people who have something in common. We don’t want to simply help them accumulate online “friends.”

Take LinkedIn, for example. Everyone wants to have a thousand connections to broaden future job opportunities—but there’s nothing built into this platform to help bring people closer together. There’s no “real life engagement factor.” The same goes for most social networking sites. The technology is not designed with the aim of real human interactions. And when you do have two or more people who want to establish a meeting, there’s often a never-ending chain of messages to sort out the logistics of where and when to meet. This back-and-forth is often additionally fragmented through different calendar and communication tools. It may take 30 minutes to finally book a 30-minute meeting. Somewhere in the intention of networking and connecting, efficiency and productivity get lost. In today’s technological environment, this is unforgivable.

Activity doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishment. Attempting to schedule a meeting is tiring, and all that effort doesn’t guarantee you will get a positive outcome from it: You haven’t even met. At MeetVibe, we thought this was a significant enough issue that it warranted a serious effort to try to solve the problem. We wanted to create a more fluid approach to online interaction and eliminate the friction of evolving these connections into real-world meetings.

Activity doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishment. Attempting to schedule a meeting is tiring, and all that effort doesn’t guarantee you will get a positive outcome from it: You haven’t even met. At MeetVibe, we thought this was a significant enough issue that it warranted a serious effort to try to solve the problem. We wanted to create a more fluid approach to online interaction and eliminate the friction of evolving these connections into real-world meetings.

Read the Entire Upshot Story »


Originally published in Upshot by Influitive.

Carol Aebi, Mircea Baldean

Make the Most of Your Graduate School Experience

Graduate school programs such as an MBA can provide the advanced skills required to take a career to the next level. They not only offer academic knowledge but also peer interaction to test ideas, hone abilities and gain insights into one another’s strengths. Building and nourishing a strong academic network can form a valuable circle of influence to provide a pool of knowledge and sounding boards for challenging career moments. Academic networking can build upon the theoretical benefits of a graduate degree when applied within practical professional arenas for a lifetime of learning.

Robert Kennedy College (RKC) in Zürich, Switzerland, hosts and manages the online portion of master’s level programs. A notable advantage of the RKC combined online and residency program is the global network of professionals from several universities interacting in the online forums and Campus Café. With over 5,000 students from 130 different countries, the opportunity to build an international professional network is exceptional. These interactions are not only virtual; students also meet face-to-face while attending their residencies.

The Masters level programs bring mid- to senior- level professionals with wide ranging experience and geographical locations together. Within a traditional university, students are all living and working in the city or region. However, at RKC, students live and work in their home country, bringing their local perspectives into each discussion and lesson. Students learn how to effectively collaborate and achieve results within remote working groups. In an ever more international world, developing this flexibility is a unique skill.

Robert Kennedy College students and alumni are able to network with thousands of others opening access and creating career opportunities that otherwise may have been missed.

One example of such post academic business collaboration is Mircea Baldean, MBA, alumni from the University of Wales/Robert Kennedy College program and Carol Aebi, MBA, alumni from the University of Cumbria/Robert Kennedy College program. Carol and Mircea interacted through the RKC online forum then stayed connected after graduation. When Mircea was developing a new business idea, he tapped into his university network for validation and concept development, engaging Carol for her start-up strategic expertise. The two also partner with Gabriel, a Silicon Valley-based geospatial technologist, and their business MeetVibe, Inc. was founded. From Zurich to Toronto to San Francisco, the team works remotely but in a very cohesive and collaborative manner, a valuable skill developed through the RKC program.

RKC Alumni and MeetVibe founders – Mircea Baldean and Carol Aebi, joined by co-founder Gabriel Paun (left) at Web Summit 2017

Their app is the next evolution of social technology, creatively layering IoT interactions with market-validated social technologies into a unified platform. Last year they released the MeetVibe beta for iOS. Students from across programs joined in. Influences such as Asad Imam, Mohamud A. Verjee, Slobodan Bogovac, Joyce Njeri, and Jeremy Hewitt all provided guidance and spread the word. With a network of support, in January 2017 the beta for Android was released.

MeetVibe launched their business offer in July 2017 at the largest tech conference in Asia, and participated in the Web Summit, the biggest tech conference in the world held in Lisbon in November 2017.

Are you maximizing your professional networking opportunities and tapping into this talent pool?

It is not enough to simply collect a list of names or link social media profiles. Meaningful relationships extend beyond the online environment and are built with time and attention. Carol and Mircea’s MeetVibe app can help. Sign up today and share calendar availability and social media profiles with fellow students and alumni. Schedule a virtual meeting, call or get-together to develop valuable relationships.

Make the most of your graduate school experience – build a global professional network to support your success!


Originally published by Robert Kennedy College

A Friend Is a Gift You Give to Yourself

With 2017 drawing to a close, we’re taking a minute to say ‘thank you for joining us’!

We value our relationship and look forward to staying in touch in the year to come. And we want you to stay in touch with more of your friends!

We have a present for you: get a free premium membership upgrade now. 

MeetVibe Linchpin lets you check the availability of up to 25 members, side by side. Instantly see when everyone is free to avoid rescheduling and get the best turnout for your get-together.

Cheers to great people, bright ideas, and fabulous memories!

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Happy New Year!

The MeetVibe Team

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MeetVibe Synergy – December 2017

Accomplishments come out of good relationships. November proved to be a very busy month with the MeetVibe co-founders roaming around Europe.

Read and watch on…

Lisbon, Portugal

The Web Summit

“A Gathering Rather than a Conference” -Forbes Magazine

Web Summit, “the largest tech conference in the world” (Inc. magazine) held in in November in Lisbon, Portugal not disappoint. We had the opportunity to showcase our proximity solutions, and we connected with innovators and inventors on the cutting edge of the tech space, making promising new connections. Scroll to the bottom to watch our new video!

Watch the Video »

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Internet Days

“We’re happy to listen to any ideas!” -Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Our second leg of the European journey continued with another premier event – Luxembourg Internet Days. Thanks to its thriving ecosystem, Luxembourg is an emerging hub for entrepreneurs with great ideas who want to launch or accelerate their start-ups.

MeetVibe was part of a select group of Canadian companies profiled front and centre during the event. We had the pleasure of greeting Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Olivier Nicoloff, Canada’s Ambassador to our booth!

Toronto, Canada

Mobile Growth Toronto

“A good product is what’s left after you make every possible experiment.” – @baldean

There is no better way to share our growth story, than at an industry night meetup. #MobileGrowth Toronto brought together leading names such as 500px, Foodora and Taplytics. And, nothing goes better with panel discussions about mobile marketing and product questions than pizza, soft-drinks and beer. We extend a big thank you out to Elizabeth, Cynthia and Tae of Branch for arranging an insightful evening!


“Around You”

See the Around Me proximity discovery feature in action at Web Summit!

Thank you,

The MeetVibe Team


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5 Tips to Lose the Awkward and Master Networking

We all know the power of networking. It’s how many of us land our first job, find a business partner and broaden our horizons on life.

But for many, networking doesn’t come easy. Walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Doubt, uncertainty and fear can easily creep in and sabotage your best efforts.

Making the most of any event takes a bit of practice. Malcolm Archer, our Business Development Manager at Wavefront offers up some tips and tricks he’s learned over the years. Use these pointers to lose the awkward and apply them next time you’re working a crowd!
1) Have a goal when going to any event

Examples of goals can be: Make new friends, find Project Managers, find fellow curling enthusiasts, find out what’s happening in a particular industry, identify prospects, etc. By having a goal it gives you a go-to topic of conversation. Don’t be afraid to share your goal, you never know who can make an introduction!

2) Set a time limit

I try and average 5-7 minutes. Chances are the person you are talking to is also there to network and being in a conversation with someone for 20+ minutes does neither of you any favours. According to a Microsoft study, most people’s attention span is around 8-12 seconds. Highly interesting conversations should be noted and followed-up on within 48 hours so you can pick them back up while they’re fresh and in a more dedicated setting.

3) Be genuinely interested in other people

This one is taken straight from Dale Carnegie, and he says it best: “If you aspire to be a good conversationalist, be an attentive listener. To be interesting, be interested. Ask questions that other people will enjoy answering. Encourage them to talk about themselves and their accomplishments.”

4) Don’t be afraid to end a conversation

If you start feeling like a conversation has run its course, odds are the other person feels it as well. The easiest way to end a conversation is to thank that person for their time and tell them you will follow-up with them. Try not to make an excuse for leaving – this cheapens the interaction. Especially don’t say something like “Oh hey look it’s Mike, I haven’t seen him in forever!” This makes the person whom you are with feel less important. Simply thank them and move on.

5) Have fun!

Humans, in my limited experience, are quite perceptive. If you’re stressed or anxious, it’s easily displayed. Try and relax and enjoy the moment. Talking to people doesn’t come naturally so the more you practice, the more fun and easy it becomes.


Originally published by Elise Varley on WaveFront.

Meeting at Web Summit?

In a world that is more social, more mobile, and more instant than ever before, what interests people? Other people. We believe technology and social connectivity should be seamless so that people can focus on real interactions.

We are excited to participate in the Web Summit, which is billed as “the largest tech conference in the world” by Inc. magazine.

Leaders from the world’s most influential companies and most innovative startups will come to Lisbon for three days of networking to share their stories and experiences. Also participating are major global media, hundreds of investors and 60,000+ attendees.

MeetVibe is a combination of social and sensor technologies bringing contextual information to you. Learn more about our Mobile and IoT capabilities:

  • For Event Organizers
    Engage participants and increase networking value without the cost of building your own app;
  • For Venues
    Digitize your space, take it from concrete to IoT driven interactions;
  • For Education
    Help students, administration and faculty be part of a tech-smart academic community.

Drop by our booth A-923 for more details and some delicious Swiss chocolate! Feel free to locate us or schedule a meeting using the MeetVibe iOS/Android app.

We look forward to seeing you at Web Summit, Alpha Section on November 9!


Mircea Baldean
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Carol Aebi
Co-founder and
Chief Strategy Officer

Gabriel Paun
Co-founder and
Chief Operating Officer





The Attack on White-label Clones and the Importance of Branded Apps

“A brand is what people think of you.”

I wrote down this line 15 years ago while attending presentation by brand coach Ted Matthews.

Business owners are often juggling many activities and there is rarely enough time in the day to do them all well. With white-labeling, an external vendor provides the quality digital experience that is presented under your brand name.

White-labeled digital services and apps have became an efficiency standard across the event industry. Over 40% of event planners use event apps. And over 80% of the participants polled in a recent study by Endless Events said that they use an event app, becoming an expected part of the attendee experience.

However this is About to Change

Recent updates to Apple’s App Review Guidelines will will not only impact the event app space, but also multi-million dollar companies in white-label ride sharing and B2B app development companies. As of June, Apple started to ban apps created from a commercialized white-label app templates or app generation services.

Two Apple iOS 11 changes to App Review Guidelines that potentially impact on mobile event apps are:

  • Section 4.2.6: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.”
  • Section 4.3: “Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app…”

So What Can You Do?
Apple is moving into the right direction by promoting a universal, branded app model. However, if you are currently using a white-labeled app for your next event, this sudden change may have provided an unexpected headache. MeetVibe provides a branded universal alternative to the expense of creating your own app now that white labeling is under attack.

With MeetVibe you can deliver the latest agenda or registration guidance directly to participants phones as they enter the venue. Or broadcast Twitter and Instagram photos live during the event for them to share. The MeetVibe app takes your contextual information and delivers it directly to the participants’ mobile phones.

The app also helps people attending your event meet others with similar interests, and as such, powerful synergies and opportunities may arise. Attendees can use the same app across multiple events, without the need of creating yet a new social profile, or downloading a one-time use app. And most importantly they can schedule follow-ups to retain valuable, meaningful contacts.

MeetVibe Takes Networking Further

We help you Connect the Right People at the Right Time with our IoT technology. MeetVibe combines social networking features with sensor technologies into a platform that not only offers people-to-people connections, but also seamlessly interacts with the environment: a single robust app serving different event opportunities, while still retaining strong, contextual customization of content.

The MeetVibe app is available for both iPhone and Android. Enjoy features like Around Me phone-to-phone people discovery, side-by-side Calendar Availability viewing, or Concierge text message arrival notifications across both mobile platforms — in any situation.

The untapped potential of our social environments is incredible. Whether it’s the lecture hall or the conference hall, MeetVibe can be helpful wherever there are introductions to be made and ideas to be shared.

Join us today or request a demo of our Business platform to build meaningful relationships within your communities.


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