Reaching the Cloud: Migration to IBM Bluemix Platform Complete

In January, we announced that MeetVibe is migrating to a modern, cloud infrastructure. Our incredible technical team moved quickly. Just one month after the decision, we began moving data to the IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Platform.

Today, we are excited to announce that MeetVibe has successfully migrated our service to the cloud, with minimal impact on our members. Because this migration took place in the background, members did not noticed any changes to the day-to-day experience while using the MeetVibe app. However, engineers understand the technical complexities involved with moving large amounts of live data into the cloud quickly and safely. MeetVibe’s migration to the cloud was an important milestone.

What We Did

At first glance, MeetVibe’s new home in the cloud may not look all that different. But to borrow from the analogy of moving to a new house: it is built on a much stronger foundation, sits on a larger lot, comes with new plumbing, and even has an upgraded alarm system. Overall, it is a much better place to live.

This move to the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform brings about more noticeable benefits now and for the future, such as increased uptime, security improvements, and faster delivery of new and innovative features.

A Faster, More Reliable Backend

MeetVibe is a modern way of networking often used during conferences and social events. As such, we need to provide reliable services to handle nonlinear traffic patterns, with significant spikes during live events.

What’s Next?

Now that we have reached the cloud, stay tuned for more news as we add new smart features, tap into new mobile services, layer in more IoT features and may even include Watson.

Many thanks to Teresa of IBM Canada, Lee and Eric of IBM U.S., and Ernest of IBM Singapore for making us feel welcome into the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program!

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