How to Make the Most of Your Time? Start by Making Yourself Available Today

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” –Steve Jobs


Just over a year ago, I started to work on a possible solution to a common issue: technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, yet we still schedule using the same outdated methods that have been around for years. It can take upwards of seven phone calls, emails or text messages over days for two people to find a commonly convenient meeting time and location. Getting a group of people together only compounds the time and effort required to secure a date.

I had an idea, however, I knew that it would have been nearly impossible to build it on my own.

Innovations happen at intersections and this is where I found the strength to bring my idea to life. Together with my two co-founders we created MeetVibe, Inc. We bring in an eclectic mix of skills and experiences. We have a global strategist with a pragmatic view, which the Swiss are well known for, a geospatial guru out of Silicon Valley, and, well, yours truly. We also have a scalable, talented team and strong strategic partnerships. This is MeetVibe’s secret sauce!

This idea grew into our commitment to simplify the scheduling process from a cumbersome organizational task into a digitally enhanced experience. We are excited to unveil MeetVibe version 1.0 for iOS app and invite you to experience it today.

MeetVibe’s unified platform eliminates the back and forth required to find a mutually convenient time and location. Your existing calendars, contacts and location are fully integrated. The app understands your availability, which can then be shared privately or publicly. This simple concept means you can start taking control of your day, even if your invitees don’t yet use our platform.

We are all unique in what we want to achieve with our time, be it getting together with friends, planning a date, meeting with more clients, organizing an event or a weekend getaway. Whatever it is you want to schedule, MeetVibe makes it easier and faster so that you can focus on the people who matter to you.

Make the most of your time. Start by making yourself available today! Get MeetVibe for iOS now.

Mircea Baldean
Founder and CEO, MeetVibe Inc.

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