Monthly Roundup – August

During the summertime, it’s not easy to stay focused on your goals. When it’s cold and rainy, it is somewhat easier to lock yourself inside and plough through various tasks. But it’s a lot harder to follow through when the weather is nice and BBQs beckon.

Dare to Dream Through Your Schedule

We all have our “traditional” goals related to work and family responsibilities. But we also have aspirational goals that often cross our minds and are rarely explored. No other line kills our hope of achieving these entrepreneurial ambitions, booking that dream trip, or learning a new language like:

“I’m just too busy.”

Blaming your schedule is simply passing the buck onto a tool that you control. Your schedule is a device meant to help you organize your time, but sadly it suffers from a serious misunderstanding of its proper usage.
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7 Tips for Making the Most of a Startup’s Time

Meet Mircea Baldean: the founder of MeetVibe. After spending more than 15 years within Toronto’s financial sector, he realized the careers escalator was jammed. When Mircea read The Start-up of You he began to consider whether there was a better way he could be spending his time. Always one to embrace change, Mircea began down the path towards entrepreneurship by welcoming trend shifts and positioning himself to be ready for change- the entrepreneur’s recipe to create unexpected opportunities.

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Tip: Why You Should Update Your MeetVibe Profile Now

Discovery is not only about finding the next Pokémon. Real relationships are cultivated with time and attention. Never miss an opportunity to meet someone new while attending an event or share a lunch or coffee with colleagues in the most popular work lunch restaurant.

With our upcoming new feature, Around Me, you will be able to set your profile to Public or Private if you would like to connect with new MeetVibers or followers who are nearby. View the name and profile of those around you. Each user’s profile provides a brief bio and social media links. Find an ice-breaking topic in the Talk to Me About section to get your conversations off to a meaningful start.

MeetVibe, Inc. Turns 1!

Last, but not least, time surely flies by when you are having fun. MeetVibe, Inc. is officially 1!

It’s been one year since we became a Delaware-based corporation, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. A year later, MeetVibe team members span four countries across North America and Europe.

Innovation happens at intersections. Our geographically-diverse team from Silicon Valley, Toronto, Zurich, and Bucharest brings a dynamic mix of skills, experience, and cultural perspectives.

We are excited to celebrate this milestone with all of you. Stay tuned for more!

The MeetVibe Crew

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