Monthly Round Up – November 2016

Powerful and productive synergies are generated when vibrant minds come together. In a world characterized by limited time and near limitless opportunity, identifying the best people for your team, project, or life used to require a lot of energy. Now, MeetVibe empowers the innovative creators of the world to strategically find the people who share their vision – anytime, anywhere.

From Symbols and Signals to Ideas Worth Spreading

Change is a primary ingredient in any recipe for advancement. Early adopters and innovators are prescient in recognizing the transformative potential of new technologies. At the end of October I had the privilege of attending the Symbols and Signals TEDxToronto event, Canada’s largest TEDx with an audience of over 1,000. These events, or “talks”, are known for hosting diverse content of creative short presentations. Bringing together experts with exceptional ideas, this network has become a catalyst for profound change, and this theme was very present at the most recent event..

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Capture the Moment with MeetVibe

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There is something delightful about the idea of spontaneity. It is what pushes us to try things and explore new places – the tantalizing thought of what we might experience or who we might meet. A new environment means new people and renewed hope that you will find the people who just “get it”.

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Make the Most of MeetVibe

The best part of socializing is the making of new connections, experiences, and memories. Every gathering can be a rich lotto of new minds, new ideas, and new personalities. So how can we improve our odds of meeting like-minded people, so that we can make the most of spontaneity?

Fortunately, technology is making it much easier. MeetVibe’s phone-to-phone feature lets you view the profiles of others around you. Meet the party guest in your field of work that you otherwise would never have spoken with. Or the journalist covering your business specialty at a conference. Leave every social gathering with the feeling that you have truly connected with someone new.

Since the Around Me launch in September, we have enabled more than 550 profile discoveries!

Let’s go:

  • Preview the name and profile of those around you; tap on Discover People in the MeetVibe App Dashboard > Around Me
  • Set a memorable tone for introductions with a creative Talk to Me About text. Break out your sense of humor or lead in with something important to you.
  • This short profile text offers an ice-breaking topic to get your conversations off to a great start. Go to MeetVibe App My Profile > edit the Talk to Me About intro line.

Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

Mircea Baldean
Founder & CEO

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