Carol Aebi, Mircea Baldean

MeetVibe Round Up – January 2017

We’re Glad You Could Join Us

A warm welcome to all of our new users! Just a few weeks ago we launched the MeetVibe app for Android. Now anybody with a smartphone can access the information, confidence, and opportunity they need to make the most of any social environment.

Sharing Our Story

Generating Synergies: A Conversation with TechPartners

Technology is a wonderful enabler of social connectivity when applied effectively. The first step for technology was increasing the reach of our social interactions. Now, we’ve moved on to the most important stage: strengthening those bonds. Our insightful Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Carol Aebi sat down with TechPartners, a Zurich-based digital consultancy, to share the MeetVibe story and discuss the power of facilitating a Social Internet of Things.

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IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

We are thrilled to join IBM Global Entrepreneur, a program that equips startups with go-to-market support, business mentorship, services, and networking opportunities. Over the next few months we will be working on transitioning part of our infrastructure to the IBM Cloud platform. Tapping into new mobile services, IoT, or even Watson just got easier.

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Enjoy MeetVibe on Every Phone

The MeetVibe app is now available for both iPhone and Android. Enjoy features like Around Me phone-to-phone discovery, side-by-side Calendar Availability viewing, or Concierge text message arrival notifications across both mobile platforms. Tell us how you use MeetVibe to build your business, form partnerships, and make connections by sharing your story on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MeetVibing.

The untapped potential of our social environments is incredible. Whether it’s the lecture hall or the conference hall, MeetVibe can be found wherever there are introductions to be made and ideas to be shared. We’ve only just begun helping the MeetVibe community make things happen.

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join MeetVibe today.


Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

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