MeetVibe Round Up – March 2017

A Warm Welcome to All of Our New #DevTO Friends!

Are you organizing a networking event? Kick it up a notch! Seamlessly connect participants, ideas, and opportunities using MeetVibe. Participants can discover and read the profiles of participants in their proximity. Event organizers can provide instant access to the opportunities and information guests want the most.

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How to Organize a Successful Meetup

The thrill of bringing people together to share food, swap ideas, and form new relationships makes the work of organizing a meetup worth it. But pulling together a hit gathering is harder than it looks.

Technology may have made us more connected than ever, but hosting an event has presented new challenges. Virtual guests who have not yet met in person are less inclined to honor RSVPs, and even those who manage to make it may be hesitant to branch out and mingle without incentive.

So what does it take to organize a successful meetup?

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Connecting Developers at #DevTO

Developers don’t just write code, they network and make things happen. That is why MeetVibe is partnering with #DevTO, a forum where developers meet and mingle. Each month #DevTO brings together over 100 attendees to listen to speakers and collaborate with industry peers. MeetVibe’s Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement capabilities were showcased at the most recent event and we are thrilled to facilitate even more introductions at upcoming events.

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Register for a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Together with Capterra we are offering a $10 Amazon gift card for the first 25 reviewers of the MeetVibe app. Fill in your contact details below to receive the program invite.

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Elevate your event’s potential. Add MeetVibe to get introductions rolling and simplify follow-up scheduling.

We’ve only just begun helping the MeetVibe community make things happen!


Neya Abdi
Content Writer and Editor

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