Meet The Right People. Introducing Around Me.


Every day is an opportunity to meet new people – connect with the right people.

Today, we are excited to introduce Around Me Beta, a new phone-to-phone feature that lets you discover other MeetVibers in your proximity. Update your MeetVibe app to seamlessly interact with your environment to cultivate friendships and build business relationships.



Discover, Connect, Schedule

With Around Me forming new relationships wherever people choose to come together is easy. Our proximity technology is perfect for:

  1. Professional
    Conferences and professional events provide the perfect opportunity to find individuals with similar interests and objectives. But how do we know who to approach? Enable Discover People and preview the name and profile of those around you. This can provide a valuable filter. Each user’s profile provides a brief bio and social media links. It also includes a Talk to Me About section to get your conversations off to a meaningful start.
  2. Personal
    There is a whole wide world out there, and it is full of people with the same passions as you. Around Me is a useful tool for bringing together individuals at a concert, street fair, or festival who would like to meet new people. Add your favorite social media links to your profile then connect further and develop this new relationship both digitally and physically. Around Me offers the best interface to connect people within the space around you.
  3. New Environments
    Continuing education? New job? Big move to a new city? For those times in life when we are eager to meet new people the Around Me feature can ease introductions and help newcomers quickly establish connections. By setting your profile to Public, you can let people know that you are approachable and open to an interaction. Then with the short profile, new names and faces have never been easier to remember.

Your availability; your discretion. People choose MeetVibe because they trust us with their privacy. Exercise total control over what you share with the world. Easily adjust your profile to display your hobbies, profession, or interests. Follow up after a positive introduction by scheduling a MeetVibe using the app.

MeetVibe’s technology provides you with instant and effortless access to the people, places, and relationships that matter most.

Update your app and try Around Me Beta today. For more information, refer to our FAQ page or contact us at feedback at


Carol Aebi
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
MeetVibe, Inc.

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