We’re Updating our Privacy Policy and Adding New Profile Features

MeetVibe is committed to helping you connect with people that matter most. As part of our growth and in support of upcoming changes to EU data protection law, we’re launching new features and updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Summary of the Changes


  • Improved clarity and transparency. We’ve re-organized our Privacy Policy to make it clearer and more understandable, defined key terms, described our data processing practices and included examples showing how MeetVibe implements this Policy.
  • GDPR updates. The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation places new obligations on organizations that process EU personal data. As a result, we’re updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to better explain our relationship.
  • Your Account. Your Data. We’ve introduced a new Download My Data feature to export the information related to your profile. The Profile Deletion feature, which was always available to you, remains unchanged. Of course, if you notice any discrepancies, you can immediately update your profile data.

What’s Deleted

If you choose to delete your member’s profile information. Here’s what’s removed:

  • Nickname
  • Full Name
  • Display Name
  • Profile Picture URL (if you added one)
  • Talk to Me About (if you added one)
  • Bio (if you added one)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Number of MeetVibe Connections (following and followers)
  • Country
  • Time Zone
  • Profile URL (if you added one)
  • Facebook ID (if you added one)
  • Twitter ID (if you added one)
  • LinkedIn ID (if you added one)
  • Skype ID (if you added one)
  • Available / Busy time slots (if you enabled Calendar access permission)
  • Date of Registration
  • Date of Last Sync
  • Daily Availability Start and End Time
  • Membership Type
  • Future-dated MeetVibe Events

What’s Not Deleted

To preserve the historical usage data for statistical and auditing purposes, the following non-personal information won’t be deleted:

  • User Number
  • Device UUID
  • Last Seen Date

Also, you will have to unsubscribe from our newsletter separately.

Privacy Policy Highlights

People choose MeetVibe because they trust us with their privacy. MeetVibe is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share. Exercise total control over what you share with the world. Easily adjust your profile to display your hobbies, profession, or interests.

Protecting the privacy and security of your information is a priority for everyone at MeetVibe. We work hard to collect only the data we need to make your experience better, and when we do collect data we believe it’s important for you to know what we’re collecting and why we need it, so you can make informed choices.

If you want to connect or share your proximity location and calendar availability with other people using MeetVibe, you can create a personal profile by providing a nickname (e.g., @john), display name and, if desired, a profile photo, and other information, such as a Talk to Me About line and Bio. MeetVibe stores this information with your account so that you can access it from any of your devices. Your user handle, display name, and profile photo can appear alongside with you calendar availability on MeetVibe.

Other people may also be able to find your MeetVibe profile using the information that you have provided. You can make the contents of your profile, like proximity availability or calendar availability, available only to those you choose. However, your profile information, such as handle, display name, photo are always visible to everyone.

Your followers, and who you are following are visible only to other MeetVibe members.

The phone numbers and email addresses of contacts in your address book are not sent to MeetVibe, and MeetVibe does not store any information from your address book. We do not retain any information about contacts who are not MeetVibe members.

Information you provide in your profile may be updated or removed by you at any time. Whenever you share online, you should think carefully about what you are making public. When you share from MeetVibe to other websites or social networks, anything you share is governed by the privacy policies of those other services.

When you use MeetVibe, we collect information about your calendar availability and events scheduled through our platform and associate them with your account. Information, such as time and location of future meetings are noted by and sent to MeetVibe. Such events are being stored only until the end date and time.

We Do:

  • We ask your permission before accessing your calendar, this will continue to be an opt-in feature
  • We provide you with a way to turn off the calendar feature at any time in the settings
  • We send calendar data to our server when the MeetVibe app is running in order to update your available time
  • We send your calendar availability data to our servers over a secure SSL connection
  • We do store time marked as available in your calendar on our servers

We Do Not: 

  • We do not, under any circumstances, access your calendar data unless you have explicitly opted in to sync your calendar
  • We do not under any circumstances access information associated with existing appointments in your calendar
  • We do not share or use your calendar data for purposes other than matching it with other MeetVibe members
  • We do not actively monitor your location

We hope these updates will help your networking a little more pleasant and productive, wherever you are based. Need assistance? Drop us a line at hello (at) meetvibe.com

As always, thank you for trusting MeetVibe!

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