Organize A Last Minute 4th of July Party – Hassle Free

It is two weeks until Independence Day and that party you promised to throw is not about to plan itself. Thankfully, you can still organize a fabulous 4th of July fete in a short amount of time – hassle free.

Rally The Troops

Tap into your close circle for support. Everybody loves to feel like they played a role in something successful, and parties are no exception.

If you are concerned that this is a hosting faux pas, you can dismiss that thought right away. Fourth of July celebrations are informal gatherings. And, last minute party planning – whether for a catered event or a casual get together – is much easier with reinforcements. Make the best of your limited time by delegating responsibilities. Enlisting specific individuals to bring items like drinks or extra chairs means a few less things for you to worry about.

Run A Practice Drill

It is easy to forget something important, particularly when you do not want to create multiple to-do lists. The last thing you need is to be running around town as your guests arrive.

Do a mental run through of the day, from setting up to serving food. You may feel silly at first, but it could save you from staring at those grass-fed organic steaks only to realize you forgot the mesquite wood chips for the barbecue. Less time in line equals more time spent with your guests.

Draw Up Your Battle Plan

Deciding what you need help with is easy. Deciding who will be responsible for what is an entirely different story.

MeetVibe lets you see when your volunteers are available for a quick prep drink or Skype call. Avoid the back-and forth game of email tag and never ending schedule confirmations. Using MeetVibe, participants can simply compare their availability with others and, agree to a mutually convenient time then focus on the party planning.

Fill the House

You would like to create a lively event with a house full of happy people. Although party planners recommend sending out invites weeks in advance, many people make their holiday plans at the last minute. Your closest friends may be locked in to come, but how do you know if others already have plans for the date? You will need people to show up if you want to avoid a party that is listless and low energy. And, it helps to have an idea of how many people will come when organizing.

MeetVibe’s availability sharing lets you see who has plans already and who is free with side-by-side calendar availability viewing. This allows planners to gauge potential attendance before even sending the invitations. And the 24-hour time limit on MeetVibe invites encourages guest to get back to you with a response as soon as possible. This way you can have a quick picture of how many people to expect even with a short party planning window.

Tip: invite all the people you would like to see – even if they are marked busy. Plans fall through and second guessing your guest list can cause you to exclude people who would have otherwise shown up.

Land of the Happy, Home of the Entertained

Keep things interesting by introducing a unique twist to 4th of July favorites with lively party games and a wide variety of menu items.

Prepare A Tasty, Refreshing Spread For Your Guests

For a cool starter on a warm summer day why not try a refreshing watermelon salad. The crispy radishes, fresh mint and chillies will bring a bit of Los Angeles to the table.

Elevate your grill items a notch higher with an interesting spin on a barbecue favorite by preparing grilled corn with cheese and lime. And, keep your vegan and carnivorous friends equally happy with a Baby artichoke Bruschetta. Add some brightly colored grilled peppers for a simple yet delicious dish.

The last thing you want is an entrée that is dry after your delicious starters. Spice up your steaks or veggies with a flavorful rub or marinade. Just do not play it safe. Forget the traditional balsamic recipes and introduce some interesting flavors to your menu by opting for a Southeast Asian-style marinade. Or a must try for all barbecue enthusiasts is the Black & Blushing Worcestershire Fillet. The most delicious barbecue beef you will ever taste!

Play A Game Of Election Year Storytelling

Come up with ridiculous election-themed story prompts and put them all in a bag. Pick one and read it out loud.

Each person has to add at least one sentence to the story. The more ridiculous and outrageous the story becomes, the better. Encourage guests to incorporate actual quotes from the campaign trail into their contributions.

With the current candidates, the material is endless. But if you are stuck on story prompts, give one of these a try:

“That morning over his bowl of All-Bran, it hit Senator Sanders: the secret to securing the Democratic nomination. But it wouldn’t be easy, and it would involve a lot of potpourri…”

“It was the night before Election Day and Secretary Clinton was having an awkward sushi dinner with her campaign manager. It was awkward because…”

“President Obama would miss the White House. The Oval Office and the power were great, but above all he would miss that one squirrel that ran across the front lawn every morning at 9:15am sharp. Each day, the President would step outside with his security detail and…”

If you have a large group, go around to everyone once before switching topics. With smaller groups, let the story run its course with a couple rounds before switching to the next prompt.

Do Not Forget the Drinks

Pick up a specialty beer like the stout and porter BrewDog Cocoa Psycho. And prepare a couple of lighter signature drinks by including the most popular and refreshing cocktails for summer: Watermelon-Tequila cocktail or a chilly, but classy Rosé Sorbet.

Bring together the people you enjoy the most, mix in some lively party games with a delicious spread, and you will have yourself the recipe for a terrific 4th of July party.

Happy Independence Day!

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