Monthly Roundup – July

Make the most of your summer! Warm weather and sunshine bring lots of get-togethers. MeetVibe is a social networking scheduling solution to stay in touch with people who matter most to you.

Why Scheduling is More Social than You Think

Lunch dates, business meetings, and social gatherings sound like random events, but they all share two things in common: personal interactions and scheduling.

We interact with others throughout our day. Some exchanges are spontaneous while at work or on the go. Other meetings are scheduled in advance by saving the date and confirming an appointment. We schedule many things from doctor’s appointments to training courses and from vacations to video conferences.

Read more about how MeetVibe helps you build meaningful connections by cultivating a social dynamic that reflects value for the relationship and mutual respect.

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Scheduling Fatigue? Blame your Email

Managers and employees have been well aware of the productivity drain caused by email for a long time. Back in 2006, CEO Scott Dockter of PBD Worldwide implemented an interesting company initiative: no email Friday. All internal communication took place in person or over the phone. Only customer service could answer external email inquires.

Email inefficiency is widely recognized, and how we address this issue depends on our work style. Some opt for absolutist measures while others allocate specific time simply for answering emails. We like to think that email is less and less necessary for things like scheduling. We share efficient methods to reduce your Email fatigue.

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Tip: MeetVibe Concierge

Increase your peace of mind with MeetVibe’s SMS service, Concierge, an add-on that automatically sends a text message to parties when you arrive at the meeting location. Using this feature, you demonstrate a higher level of courtesy by informing guests or clients the exact time you arrive.

MeetVibe Concierge

Get the MeetVibe Concierge add-on for $14.99 which includes a pack of 300 text messages.

Coming Soon

Our developers are working hard to implement your suggestions and bring new innovative features to life. Coming soon is our Around Me proximity technology. It will help you gain an increased awareness of your surroundings for spontaneous opportunities.

With Around Me you will be able to set your profile to public if you would like to connect with new people. Or keep your profile private so that only your followers can see you are nearby. Never miss an opportunity to meet someone new at an event or share a lunch or coffee with colleagues in the most popular work lunch restaurant.

Make the most of your time by sharing it with the ones who matter most to you.

As always, a heartfelt thanks to you all!

The MeetVibe Crew


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