The Attack on White-label Clones and the Importance of Branded Apps

“A brand is what people think of you.”

I wrote down this line 15 years ago while attending presentation by brand coach Ted Matthews.

Business owners are often juggling many activities and there is rarely enough time in the day to do them all well. With white-labeling, an external vendor provides the quality digital experience that is presented under your brand name.

White-labeled digital services and apps have became an efficiency standard across the event industry. Over 40% of event planners use event apps. And over 80% of the participants polled in a recent study by Endless Events said that they use an event app, becoming an expected part of the attendee experience.

However this is About to Change

Recent updates to Apple’s App Review Guidelines will will not only impact the event app space, but also multi-million dollar companies in white-label ride sharing and B2B app development companies. As of June, Apple started to ban apps created from a commercialized white-label app templates or app generation services.

Two Apple iOS 11 changes to App Review Guidelines that potentially impact on mobile event apps are:

  • Section 4.2.6: “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.”
  • Section 4.3: “Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app…”

So What Can You Do?
Apple is moving into the right direction by promoting a universal, branded app model. However, if you are currently using a white-labeled app for your next event, this sudden change may have provided an unexpected headache. MeetVibe provides a branded universal alternative to the expense of creating your own app now that white labeling is under attack.

With MeetVibe you can deliver the latest agenda or registration guidance directly to participants phones as they enter the venue. Or broadcast Twitter and Instagram photos live during the event for them to share. The MeetVibe app takes your contextual information and delivers it directly to the participants’ mobile phones.

The app also helps people attending your event meet others with similar interests, and as such, powerful synergies and opportunities may arise. Attendees can use the same app across multiple events, without the need of creating yet a new social profile, or downloading a one-time use app. And most importantly they can schedule follow-ups to retain valuable, meaningful contacts.

MeetVibe Takes Networking Further

We help you Connect the Right People at the Right Time with our IoT technology. MeetVibe combines social networking features with sensor technologies into a platform that not only offers people-to-people connections, but also seamlessly interacts with the environment: a single robust app serving different event opportunities, while still retaining strong, contextual customization of content.

The MeetVibe app is available for both iPhone and Android. Enjoy features like Around Me phone-to-phone people discovery, side-by-side Calendar Availability viewing, or Concierge text message arrival notifications across both mobile platforms — in any situation.

The untapped potential of our social environments is incredible. Whether it’s the lecture hall or the conference hall, MeetVibe can be helpful wherever there are introductions to be made and ideas to be shared.

Join us today or request a demo of our Business platform to build meaningful relationships within your communities.


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