MeetVibe for iOS v1.0.3 is Now Available

We are always trying to improve your experience! Today, we have just released MeetVibe for iOS version 1.0.3.

What’s new?

  • Push Notifications and Badges: stay on top of your schedule; know what’s new or what has changed
  • In your Profile, select which calendars will determine your MeetVibe availability; e.g. exclude Holidays or Birthdays calendars
  • Updated MeetVibes are now marked with an Orange dot
  • 15-minute granularity for easier and faster time selectionTap on Details to expand/collapse longer descriptions
  • Add to Calendar option in the MeetVibe Details screen
  • Usability enhancements

Happy MeetVibing!


Get version 1.0.3 now. 

Get version 1.0.3 now.


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