Meeting at Web Summit?

In a world that is more social, more mobile, and more instant than ever before, what interests people? Other people. We believe technology and social connectivity should be seamless so that people can focus on real interactions.

We are excited to participate in the Web Summit, which is billed as “the largest tech conference in the world” by Inc. magazine.

Leaders from the world’s most influential companies and most innovative startups will come to Lisbon for three days of networking to share their stories and experiences. Also participating are major global media, hundreds of investors and 60,000+ attendees.

MeetVibe is a combination of social and sensor technologies bringing contextual information to you. Learn more about our Mobile and IoT capabilities:

  • For Event Organizers
    Engage participants and increase networking value without the cost of building your own app;
  • For Venues
    Digitize your space, take it from concrete to IoT driven interactions;
  • For Education
    Help students, administration and faculty be part of a tech-smart academic community.

Drop by our booth A-923 for more details and some delicious Swiss chocolate! Feel free to locate us or schedule a meeting using the MeetVibe iOS/Android app.

We look forward to seeing you at Web Summit, Alpha Section on November 9!


Mircea Baldean
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Carol Aebi
Co-founder and
Chief Strategy Officer

Gabriel Paun
Co-founder and
Chief Operating Officer





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