Introducing MeetVibe Web Beta

Opportunities Should Fit Your Schedule: #MakeYourselfAvailable

Are you a person who wants to do more with your time? Share it with people that matter and let opportunities come to you.

You may have heard about MeetVibe over the past couple of months. We have finalized the MeetVibe social platform, while the mobile app is scheduled to come out later on this summer. MeetVibe was started by Mircea Baldean with the aim to solve the “when are you available?” problem. Mircea knew that he wasn’t the only person who was frustrated by the usual back and forth when planning a get-together, and the frustration of trying to find a time that fit everyones schedule.

The MeetVibe app will work with your phone calendar to understand your availability and help you keep, maintain, or create meaningful connections.

You can also shape-up the future of MeetVibe!

How to Take Part?

  • Join the Beta phase
  • Customize your @name
  • Set your desired availability as Private or Public
  • Send out a few invites by email and SMS/text message;

When we launch our app, you will be able to sync all of your calendars, use location services, and a whole bunch of really cool features.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Mircea Baldean
MeetVibe founder

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