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TEDxToronto: From Symbols and Signals to Ideas Worth Spreading

Change is a primary ingredient in any recipe for advancement. Early adopters and innovators are prescient in recognizing the transformative potential of new technologies. At the end of October I had the privilege of attending the Symbols and Signals TEDxToronto event, Canada’s largest TEDx with an audience of over 1,000. These events, or “talks”, are […]

How the Social Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Connectivity

Humans are both innovative and social beings leading to technological advances that are changing the way we interact. The desire to connect has inspired a global technological network linking people, data, and things. Traditionally, our conception of cloud- or Internet-based social solutions has existed in the digital world. We send emails, conduct video calls, or […]

Big Data Carries Bigger Potential With Better Decision-Making

Big data spells big things for the future of business. For some, the advent of big data represents a threat to human input. In actuality, the unique challenges posed by massive amounts of information make human insights more valuable than ever. This week, I had the privilege of addressing an audience of data enthusiasts, tech […]

The Wisdom of the Crowd Has Spoken at TechToronto

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak in front of more than 500 people at TechToronto, a vibrant community that brings together tech leaders, innovators and enthusiasts. In my presentation, I have used Twitter to engage with the audience during the jelly beans live experiment that demonstrated the wisdom of crowd. If one […]