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ALPHA Startup MeetVibe Launches at RISE Conference

TORONTO / HONG KONG — June 29, 2017. MeetVibe Connects the Right People at the Right Time! In a world that is more social, more mobile, and more instant than ever before, what interests people? Other people. We believe technology and social connectivity should be seamless so that people can focus on real interactions. Our Internet […]

Connecting Developers at #DevTO

Developers don’t just write code, they network and make things happen. That is why MeetVibe is partnering with #DevTO, a forum where developers meet and mingle. Each month #DevTO brings together over 100 attendees to listen to speakers and collaborate with industry peers. MeetVibe’s Internet of Things (IoT) social engagement capabilities were showcased at the […]

MeetVibe Round Up – January 2017

We’re Glad You Could Join Us A warm welcome to all of our new users! Just a few weeks ago we launched the MeetVibe app for Android. Now anybody with a smartphone can access the information, confidence, and opportunity they need to make the most of any social environment. Sharing Our Story Generating Synergies: A Conversation […]

A New Year’s Message

Grateful Reflections on 2016 Early in 2016, we released the iOS beta version of MeetVibe, and you have been with us through our first upgrades and improvements. You are the pioneer MeetVibers. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Your feedback and input has been instrumental in shaping not only our product, but […]

Monthly Round Up – November 2016

Powerful and productive synergies are generated when vibrant minds come together. In a world characterized by limited time and near limitless opportunity, identifying the best people for your team, project, or life used to require a lot of energy. Now, MeetVibe empowers the innovative creators of the world to strategically find the people who share […]

Monthly Round Up – October 2016

Recall the last time you visited a new city. You likely stumbled upon neighorhoods with interesting shops and cafés with inviting displays. Each storefront provides just enough information to know whether you want to look inside. The open and closed signs let you know when you’re welcome to do so. MeetVibe is the mobile equivalent […]

Monthly Round Up – September 2016

For those in the know, September is the REAL new year. The drop in temperature serves as a sharp jolt to leave behind the dog days of summer as routine restructures our day-to-day lives. As the weather gets colder and people move indoors for get-togethers, conferences, and parties, our opportunities to meet new people change […]

Around Me FAQ

What is Around Me? Around Me Beta lets you discover if people in your network are nearby. Simply tap on the Discover People icon to activate the new proximity feature. Who can discover my profile? You always maintain full control of who can discover you. Around Me privacy controls can be found in your profile […]

Monthly Roundup – August

During the summertime, it’s not easy to stay focused on your goals. When it’s cold and rainy, it is somewhat easier to lock yourself inside and plough through various tasks. But it’s a lot harder to follow through when the weather is nice and BBQs beckon. Dare to Dream Through Your Schedule We all have […]

Monthly Roundup – July

Make the most of your summer! Warm weather and sunshine bring lots of get-togethers. MeetVibe is a social networking scheduling solution to stay in touch with people who matter most to you. Why Scheduling is More Social than You Think Lunch dates, business meetings, and social gatherings sound like random events, but they all share […]