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Effective Networkers Build More Than Bridges

Our networks have become incredibly expansive. Today, we interact globally despite previous geographical barriers. It is a given that we can remain updated about an industry peer met at a conference in London or chat regularly with a relative in Morocco. Technology in the information age has led to tremendous improvements for our social and […]

How the Social Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Connectivity

Humans are both innovative and social beings leading to technological advances that are changing the way we interact. The desire to connect has inspired a global technological network linking people, data, and things. Traditionally, our conception of cloud- or Internet-based social solutions has existed in the digital world. We send emails, conduct video calls, or […]

Meet The Right People. Introducing Around Me.

SAN FRANCISCO / TORONTO / ZURICH — (Sep 7, 2016). Every day is an opportunity to meet new people – connect with the right people. Today, we are excited to introduce Around Me Beta, a new phone-to-phone feature that lets you discover other MeetVibers in your proximity. Update your MeetVibe app to seamlessly interact with your environment […]

Why Scheduling is More Social than You Think

Lunch dates, business meetings, and social gatherings sound like random events, but they all share two things in common: personal interactions and scheduling. We interact with others throughout our day. Some exchanges are spontaneous while at work or on the go. Other meetings are scheduled in advance by saving the date and confirming an appointment. […]